CNet Sony’s smart design, long battery life, and a big inch screen, make the Vaio FWthe first Centrino 2 laptop we’ve seen–an excellent, but still portable, media hub. We do have some complaints, but nothing big. Episode 2 and Portal. If you purchase this computer between June 26th, and January 31st, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 7; please click here for additional details Intel Centrino 2 technology delivers the highest level of “Genius” performance, ideal for intense multitasking, 3D gaming, multimedia, and fast wireless communication You can easily connect peripheral devices to the computer via the 3 USB 2. The ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects utility, which can add special effects and cartoon-like accoutrements to webcam captures, must be launched separately. It gives you an uncramped view while still allowing the system to weigh a reasonably portable 6.

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Sony VAIO FW Review

On MobileMarkthe machine scored not the best score we’ve seen, but still nearly 10 percent above the average for desktop replacements, which tend to be a speedy group in the first place. The highlight of this all-new design is the unique-to-Sony Support underneath the keyboard was great with little to no flex.

Fan noise at low and high speed was minimal and in a quiet room the notebook would not stand out. Not counting the tunneling effect, brightness sony vaio vgn fw was more than adequate.

The only real flaw that stood out to me was the screen, with its uneven backlight. At full brightness it was more even, and was passed by early on. While you technically could lower the resolution even more to one of the sony vaio vgn fw 4: Tools These are some common tools used to work on this device.


Sony Vaio VGN-FW Series

Pocket Lint Overall, we were impressed with what this machine has sony vaio vgn fw vgnn. As with other VAIO notebooks, when it comes to software, you have to take the bad and the ugly with the good. In normal lighting conditions, colors were a bit muted with a tendency to appear yellowishand highlights on the subject’s face sony vaio vgn fw blown out even when we adjusted the contrast and brightness controls.

In Windows apps, colors pop, and we found ourselves turning down the screen brightness to work comfortably.

The surface starts out flat, has a small dip, and then gracefully slopes down to the screen hinges. Spacing is just slightly off from a standard keyboard, and without the cupped keys, it can sony vaio vgn fw difficult to type on the keyboard without some practice.

Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: The quality could be better, with some of the plastics bending under pressure, but overall the small gripes are outweighed by the reasonable price tag and the numerous plus points. The downside is overall quality: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

It’s a well balanced machine, sony vaio vgn fw for many uses, affordable and good looking. That’s what Sony thought and made the FW range’s chassis out of the light material.

Sound quality sony vaio vgn fw the up-firing stereo speakers was very good, with decent bass.

Sony Vaio FW series

PC Advisor With a 2. My webcam is not song or coming up? WPrime is a benchmark similar to Super Pi in that it forces the processor to do intense mathematical calculations, but the difference is this application is multi-threaded and represents dual core processors better. For someone looking for the best battery life, being able to play the latest game on High settings, or good sound reproduction, this is not the laptop they should look into.


On our benchmark sony vaio vgn fw, the VAIO FW performed sony vaio vgn fw above average compared to the field of desktop replacement notebooks we’ve tested so far this year. The downside is insignificant. The design is great, but more importantly the build quality is excellent. The camera also had trouble with motion, with noticeable blur whenever a subject moved.

It managed 5, on 3DMark03 and 2, on 3DMarkboth well below the averages 11, and 4, respectively for the class. The “Macbook Style” keyboard on the Sony FW yes, Sony did it firstbut most people recognize this style of keyboard as a “Mac” keyboard was delightful to type on once you got the hang of finger placement and distances sony vaio vgn fw keys down.

Horizontal viewing range was flawless besides a mild orange tint at extreme angles. With style, quality and a great screen, along with a generous feature set and sony vaio vgn fw 3D performance, it’s the ideal companion for your multimedia and work use. Of course it is nice for movies as well.