Krispy Kreme in Ireland stops overnight drive-through due to honking. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge McElwee. Individuals who recently gave JohnTV a critical shoutout, and we decided to give them an even bigger stage. Since , Brian Bates, Oklahoma’s own Video Vigilante, has been spotlighting the graphic realities of street, forced and underage prostitution. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge Troung. Search warrant of suspect’s home released. Alex Edwards charged with felony prostitution and obstruction related crimes.

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Ralph Shortey and the “Tilley” connection. OKC man previously exonerated for murder, arrested for assault, maiming and human trafficking. September 10, Uohntv Flowers and Heather Rigdon jury trial on human trafficking and johntv com ups related charges. Recently Convicted or Otherwise Pleaded Guilty. Click to read all blog posts Upcoming: More details to be posted soon! Ben Affleck thanks family, fans for support after finishing rehab.

Those archives are returning! We want to assure other drivers and our customers that this will be fully investigated,” Rosenberg said. I’ve literally probably watched every one of these fucking videos, because they’re great! June 18, Coj Travis Thompson human johntv com ups jury trial.

Oklahoma County, 9am, before Johntv com ups McElwee. New Jersey postal worker quits, leaves mail on side of road. Alex Edwards charged with felony prostitution and obstruction related crimes.



Flaws in the law: Recently Arrested Alleged Prostitutes. Ex-South Korean president convicted on corruption charges. When JohnTV transitioned over to new servers and a new website design awhile back, we lost johntv com ups great deal of our archived articles – much to the delight of hundreds of ‘Johns’ and pimps.

She is sentenced to 5-years in prison. Every week we will be adding articles of interest from our archives that are not currently on this new website.

Oblivious truck driver hits vehicles with pipe. Individuals who recently gave JohnTV a critical shoutout, johntv com ups we decided to give them an even bigger stage.

The video above is a perfect example of why JohnTV and it’s creator, Brian Bates, have spent over years highlighting the reality of street level prostitution and human sex trafficking.

June 4, Kimberley Johntv com ups Banning jury trial for johntv com ups and kps with a deadly weapon attacked her ‘John’. Ralph Shortey confronted in a motel with a teenage boy.

UPS Driver Has Sex With Hooker In Back Of Truck; Hooker Posts Pictures Online

Changes to Oklahoma’s laws regarding the expungement of criminal records mean that arrested prostitutes, their customers aka, ‘Johns’ and even pimps can simply plead guilty and then literally have their criminal arrest and conviction deleted from public records days later – and, it’s not only legal, but Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater’s office is helping to facilitate it! An Oklahoma City man, who pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution less than two months ago, is already requesting the courts to expunge and seal his police and court record under new Oklahoma laws regarding expungement.


More johntv com ups Bates and JohnTV here. Click to read all blog posts. Mona Lisa rendering sets record for largest cmo cracker johntv com ups. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge Elliot.

UPS Investigates Racy Photo Taken In Delivery Truck In OKC – News On 6

This is not behavior we would ever condone for anyone, let alone for our company. N johntv com ups law allows prostitution offenders to expunge and seal their criminal record within days of conviction. Oklahoma County, 9am, before Judge Troung. Brian Bates, founder of JohnTV.

UPS spokesperson Susan Rosenberg is trying to track down the driver who was in the photos so that he can immediately be terminated. Landon is your typical inbred ‘Christian’ hypocrite.