This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Does it really work? Current disk caches don’t persist with power off, which a Robson cache does, allowing the frequently accessed data to persist and be optimised by the supporting OS. The technology was publicly introduced on October 24, , at the Intel Developer Forum IDF in Taiwan when a laptop that booted up almost immediately was demonstrated. This lets you build more ideal wave guides.

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Technically, the Robson cache can be placed intel robson technology between the disk and the disk controller, giving some scope for it being on the mainboard of the PC system that’s supporting it, but current indications are that the disk drive itself is where you’ll see it most, since you largely need one cache per disk.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. So when you wake up your PC, it will come back faster as the transfer rate of the flash memory is far higher than the one provided by the hard intel robson technology drive.

Intel Robson Technology – Storage – Tech Explained –

The Turbo memory cache connects to a intel robson technology via a mini- PCIe interface. Of course the more cache hits — i. Introduction The next Centrino platform to be released next year intel robson technology codenamed Santa Rosa — will feature an integrated disk cache using flash memory in order to speed up disk access and also save energy — which is a must in extending battery life.

So what Intel is proposing with Robson technology is a cache solution using flash memory between the CPU and the hard disk drive.


If you take a look at a intel robson technology disk access, the majority of the time is spent moving the mechanical parts of the disk rather than transferring data, as you can see on the example intel robson technology in Figure 1. At its core, Robson is just a somewhat ‘intelligent’ cache on fechnology hard disk, that lets your OS get access to important data during bootup, during access of certain files and while writing to the hard disk, all much quicker and with less power than getting it from the disk platters themselves.

When you put your notebook to robon, what the system does is techonlogy save on hard intel robson technology drive the contents of the RAM memory.

Intel’s Robson Boosts Hard Drive Performance

Intel is proposing to do just that, with its Robson flash cache technology. In Intel had announced the successor to Turbo Memory for the 5-Series mobile chipsets, codename Braidwood.

Inetl is not only that. Retrieved from ” https: Robson technology also speeds up intel robson technology notebook coming back from hibernating state. In the last 10 years the problem only got worse: Intel’s Robson technology is simply Intel’s solution for both ReadyDrive and ReadyBoost; using a single Intel card either in a Express Card slot intel robson technology on the motherboard itselfIntel can support both ReadyDrive and ReadyBoost although the latter isn’t as important if you have enough main memory.

Intel robson technology of the major sources of battery drain in a notebook PC is its spinning media. Since a flash cache is nonvolatile, powering up from hibernate would be quicker and use less power than coming robsom of hibernation using the hard intel robson technology.


Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Friday, October 5, These features allow both read caching and write caching of data.

Add the fact that hibernation uses less power than standby mode, and you can see the potential for big power savings. Several efforts are underway to enable this. But this adds cost to a hard drive, and it tevhnology be years before hard drives convert to this method intel robson technology.

This lets you build more ideal wave guides. The next Centrino platform to be released next year — codenamed Santa Rosa — will feature an integrated disk cache using flash memory in order to speed up disk access and lntel save energy — which is a must in extending battery intel robson technology. Retrieved March 5, Does it really work?

Fall IDF 2006 – Day 1: Laser FSBs, more Alan Wake, Flash in Vista & DDR3

Retrieved 2 November intel robson technology There you sit, with the rovson drive light flickering, staring at a progress bar on the screen. A review in AnandTech largely concurred with some OEM criticism finding that “it basically does nothing for the user experience”. Hard disk drive power savings with the use of Robson technology. During development, the technology was codenamed Robson. This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat