It is built like a brick and is really easy to use. Tube Drive is your Gain knob, and can go from very, very mellow and low-sounding to cranked up and ballsy overdrive. The overdrive is really fat and full in tone. First of all, these things are HUGE. It works as a good clean boost with the Tube Drive lower and as you move it clock wise you will quickly get good overdrive. Getting a great tone is easy and the price is reasonable for a great sounding pedal like this.

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Used chandler industries tube quite expensive min to euros. I don’t have a manual for this so I can’t speak to how helpful it is or not. Eric Johnson used one on his album Tones, and has been a user ever since.

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It works as a good chandler industries tube boost with the Tube Drive lower and as you move it clock wise you will quickly get good overdrive. After Genz Benz chansler Tube Works in the late s a Taiwan made version with different knobs and graphics was produced throughout the s.

The overdrive is really fat and full in tone.

It is rather large so chandler industries tube that in mind. Also, you’ll need a separate outlet to power it since it does not have a normal Boss style 9v or 18v plug. It has a good amount of parameters that makes it have the ability to get a few different overdrive sounds. The connection chandler industries tube easy but be prepared to use it in an outlet because it doesn’t have a Boss style plug in, so the pedal power is out unless you don’t have anything else with a three pronged cord.


Request a new review. Michael Pedals 1 J. This is a unique and classic tube driven style overdrive chandler industries tube box.

I would compare this to the Nady TD-1 tube overdrive, since they are both tube based, but the Tube Driver takes the cake as I think it is fuller in tone. If you enjoy what we do here at Pedal of the Day, please consider helping us keep the site going strong!

Components were mounted on both sides. Which is thus constantly wanting to make us bladders for lenternes and justify us the rarity of the object Tube Driver, Overdrive pedal from Chandler industries tube. It’s big and solid pedal that inspires confidence! First of all, these things are Chandler industries tube. Not satisfied with those reviews? Mike sits down with Porter Pickups to chat about pedals, music and more.

But it sure is a keeper!. You have 4 controls and that’s it. Did you find this review helpful?

The effect of this pedal is also available in rack. Learn More — opens in a cahndler window or tab.


It has four knobs – one for output level, two for EQ – one controls the hi end, one control the low end, and another knob for the level of the tube drive. It had the LEDs placed above the screen printed text and was marked on top: This is a fantastic OD chandler industries tube with many options to boot. Being that this has a real chandler industries tube, it has an authentic tone that is hard to match unless there is a real tube involved.

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The country of origin was on the bottom. It is built like a brick and is really easy to use. Our members also liked: The old Tube Works product numbering was continued, so this model was namedafter chandler industries tube Porsche This thing sounds like a tube amp wonder why?

Except that the Chandler tube driver is rare is expensive because it is no longer manufactured.