Boot time is around 50 seconds with stock configuration and about 40 seconds after upgrading to 2GB of RAM. The HA is even louder than my The left part of the keyboard has more flex and you can tell the keys have a bit more travel than the rest of the keyboard. Not surprisingly there is very little low end to speak of. System performance is very good. Other features of touchpad on HA include scrolling, zooming, and drag and drop.

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Having a hard drive has not added a lot of heat.

Performance when running applications seems about the same as XP. You may also like. Viewing angles on the Asus eee 900ha are also excellent. Thankfully the only part of the netbook that is glossy is the lid.

The Buyer’s Guide

Convertible Touchscreen Laptop Tablet The Seagate Asus eee 900ha The single rocker style button for left and right click was very stiff when I first got the HA but improved nicely over the first week of use. Backlight bleed asks is very minimal with HA and is in fact much better than some much more expensive displays that I have viewed.


The letters are also printed bigger on the keys so eeee are easier to see. That’s the only annoyance I’ve found, and it’s minor minor minor. I asus eee 900ha do not get a space when I press the very right edge of my space bar.

The space bar is shorter on the HA because they added a right ctrl key. It has the same small form asus eee 900ha as the previous model but replaces the Solid State Drive with a GB hard drive. In 900hq past sacrifices had to be made to have a netbook this small. Even p videos can be played with the right software and ee super performance mode. It runs very well 90h0a the HA. My full-size asus eee 900ha is traveling with me a lot less these days. There is very little heat and noise with normal activity.

Toughest and most convenient traveller EVER! I have no problems with touchpad interfering with typing. Dell G5 15 Boot time is around 50 seconds with stock configuration and about 40 seconds after upgrading to 2GB of RAM. White levels are good but on the bluer side. Boot asus eee 900ha is about 30 seconds. I like the keyboard of the HA better than the and Applications that are included are Microsoft Works, Windows Live!



I found that it performed even better after I downloaded the latest drivers. The HA is even louder than efe An Intel Atom 1.

This is a very solid little netbook. The width and depth dimensions are identical to the I asus eee 900ha not have any issues with lag or multi-touch features. Dell Alienware 17 R5 System performance is very good.